Investors Club Meetings

As a percentage of the people bothering to peruse my fringe, not often updated, home flipping blog, I would imagine a lot of you have been to one of these before.

I’ve previously described these rooms as follows- “a bunch of RE investor wannabees, 10 or so people that know what they’re doing, and one really-effing rich guy”.

I used this description about 6 months ago in an email, and find that it still rings true today.  I comment on this because the keynote speaker at the club meeting I went to today does exactly what I do.  Only he does it worse.  You have no idea how gratifying it is to know that someone less knowledgable, less successful (and frankly, less attractive) than yourself became  known well enough to be the “front of the room” guy at a meeting such as the OC Investors Club.

I say this not to toot my own horn (other than the attractiveness part), but to lend credence to the business model.  After being somewhere between inquisitive and dickish during the Q&A, I was able to more or less prove to the audience that the speaker had some shortcomings that were eating into his profit margins, and that I had the experience to avoid these.  I’m not sure who will raise more capital out of that meeting, but that is entirely not the point.  The fact that, as an audience member, I was able to gain any interest at all when the front of the room guy is in DIRECT competition with me makes me incredibly happy.  So happy, in fact, I decided to write a completely pointless blog post about it.  Hope you enjoyed it,  but more importantly, I hope you too are able to find happiness in such simplicity at some point.



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