My Inspiration

On the advice of people much smarter and web-savvy than myself, I decided to start a blog about my latest adventures in real estate.  Some of you may have accidentally found yourself on my initial blog,, which was my half-hearted attempt at hyper-local branding.  Two years and zero peninsula listings later… that has probably run its course.  This new blog, however, has the potential to be quite a bit more captivating, for the following reasons:

1)      The very nature of flipping houses lends itself to blogging.  There are always new tasks, always constant inventory, and each new flip is entirely unique.  The amount of money to be made in such a short time is also compelling, and in this real estate addict’s opinion, exhilarating!

2)      The process of buying at trustee sale auction is not well known, and I know how to do it pretty well.  You might want to learn, and I’m happy to teach you how.  That doesn’t suck, right?

3)      I’m often told “wow, that’s risky” or asked condescendingly “how’s that working out for you?” by skeptics.  My main ammunition against skepticism is transparency.  How could I possibly be more transparent than blogging our every move, including property acquisitions, CFK negotiations, UD actions, rehab, listing and closing escrow, in addition to how much we’re making on each deal?  In fact, I dare you to find another business out there that is as transparent as we are.

So, now that you’re here, take a look at what we’ve done thus far.  You’ll notice that our acquisitions prices are quite compelling, and our annualized returns are unlike anything you would ever see for a flipping business in Orange or LA counties.